A Few Benefits of Making use of Self-Storage Units

Utilizing storage rental units is one of the best options for both short and long-term storage of valuables, seasonal items, or excess inventory. Self-storage facilities is a booming enterprise with literally thousands of them dotting the land all over the United States. Americans accumulate a lot of goods, as evidenced by the billions of square footage, filled with everything from collectibles, unused exercise equipment, seasonal equipment, and household items.

The most popular use of self-storage facilities is the short-term storage of household belongings during a move from one residence to another. Storing temporarily unneeded goods makes a home look more spacious for prospective buyers, and provides more room in the moving van. Storing seasonal items like pool supplies and equipment, allows for more space at home to keep other stuff.

Some important things to evaluate when looking for a Self Storage Augusta GA facility:

Protection – Let’s face it, if you are going through the trouble of storing your goods, then they are valuable to you, either monetarily so, or sentimentally. As such you want assurance that they will be protected from theft or vandalism. At a minimum, the self-storage facility should be completely enclosed with fencing. Having the owner or property manager living on site is an added level of security as well as video surveillance or monitoring. Look for facilities that have a gated entrance accessible by a key-code or card.

Get the Right Size – Storage unit sizes range from closet size or about 25-square feet to around 600 square feet or more, large enough to keep the entire contents of a 5 bedroom home. The closet size units are ideal for seasonal equipment like gardening equipment. A 10 x 10 foot unit is capable of holding the contents of two average size bedrooms. Most Self Storage Augusta GA facilities have material on hand to help in determining how much storage room you need. When in doubt it is usually better to rent slightly more than you think you might need.

Get the Correct Type of Storage – Depending on what is being stored you will want either indoor, climate-controlled storage or outdoor. Outdoor doesn’t necessarily mean exposed to the elements, although it can be when storing an RV or boat, but generally they are enclosed units that are outdoors. The items inside are protected from direct exposure to the elements but not to extremes in temperature or humidity. Therefore, items affected by temperature extremes or moisture and humidity, such as electronics, CD’s, DVDs, and furniture, are better protected indoors under climate-controlled conditions.

As far as costs are concerned, Self Storage Rates are less expensive in the long-term, especially for businesses or self-employed individuals. Compared to the costs involved in leasing increased storefront or retail space to accommodate inventory, the cost to rent a self-storage unit is far less, and they can be rented on a monthly basis as opposed to annual leases.


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